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This episode:

Ghosts get local
Rocketships explode
UFOs confirmed
A deep dive into global fears

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This episode, Beelzebubbles features: 
  • Beasts in Baths, Soapy spooks and Mudpacks on Mummys. 
  • Kris is not afraid to as the Hard Questions, 
  • Gav calls you, the reader, a big baby.
  • Phil audits how other countries despose of bodies.
  • Gerry gives some Hot Takes on Fennel
  • Supernatural mailbag.
  • and lots of other frothy pish from the boys. 
Evidence Locker:

Gav's spooky ghost news: 


Back once again with another deep dive into the world of the supernatural.

Gavin and Gerry take your hand and guide you through the latest paranormal news. 

Kris gives you the lowdown on the Master of Stage Magic Harold Houdini in his feature.

Phill allows you to go wild in the aisles in his quiz.

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