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July 12, 2016  

Time to get scared as hell.

We hope you’re ready to return to the sun-baked streets of Benidorm, folks. All we care about is Kris Chalmers, right? So how did his holiday go? Find out in this in-depth report.

Lots to discuss, folks.

14:10 - Supernatural News

24:15 - Feature: Boo-Doir

Phill explores the raw and nasty world of supernatural sex. Not only does he look into recent celebrity paranormal experiences but also to the future; as he embarks on his own sexual supernatural awakening.

30:15 - A little bit of fun  - The Quiz

Finally we look deep into our Black Sack and find out the theme of next episode. Are you ready for such an incredible fuck-tale?


Have you ever wished on a star? Carried moonbeams home in a jar? If you have, maybe you should calm down, jeez. Have a nice seat and listen to the Boys from SNES tear apart the paranormal with an almost feverish intensity. 

This episode features:Chatting about Girls Aloud, Monkeys, Phil's love of all things Nautical... and of course.. a long and excruciatingly painful Quiz.
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